Donington Feb 2001 in the Makinen

Donington, my local haunt. Or rather the only track, bar Silverstone, where i trust myself! Its an extremely forgiving track with lots of off areas, superbly run and totally diverse. I think the best private club track in the uk.

Another successful day, with minimum mishap. An eclectic range of offs ( =) ) totalling about 10 in the day, but nothing serious. Red flag got pulled out 4 times, all for non Subaru drivers. Yours truly got black flagged (eek) but for a very non-exciting reason. My passenger was using a camera. Way to go Shelton!

Also put to test my new dragon discs/bell combination. They were simply staggering, no matter how much i tried to stress them out, they took it all in their stride, and then some. No head fade, no loss of feel and total composure. Very cool stuff.

Thanks to Shelton for the company and the photos.