Belgium in the Makinen

Another big mistake in our choice of travelling times. A 2 hour sleep gave way to a 3 am start at south mims services. Met up with a number of folks along the way and made our way to belgium. The company was superb. Highlights of the day in no particular order :

A group of 10 cars cruising 3 abreast at 150 mph (private roads, of course)
The excursion off road. (have you ever seen 8 cars donuting on an acre of grass?) Funniest thing ever
“gents, i want to hear some engine noise” which then followed an orchestra of boxers in a tight belgian town centre street
Ronnies standing starts. I loved the clutch smells and it brought tears to my eyes
Simons obsession with amsterdam
Chocolate hunting in a seaside resort full of belgians who had never seen a car before
20 subarus doing a 3 point turn in a tight housing estate
Motorola radios
Wobbly brakes
90 year old police men
Fill ups every hour
Credits :

Simon as my co-driver, no regret there. A fantastic source of humour and just great company. Also perhaps the only person i would trust in the world to drive my car
James harvey and linda were just top top people. A lot of these photo’s are actually theirs, i hope they dont mind.
Linda, you are just the most hilarious person to listen to on the radio, like full on military style
Alex and his bro need mentioning, despite the fact that he did nothing but abuse my car all day. I will let it go this time though. Next time, there’ll be trouble tho
Mark. You get full marks for being crazy dude of the day. Thank you so much for bringing on and instigating the max-power attitude which ended up rulling the rest of the day
Rob, i said this before and i’ll say it again. You have the best looking impreza i have ever seen. Goes and sounds fantastic.
Sean, i hope you bit the bug (if you didn’t, you should be dead!) This is what impreza ownership is all about and i look forward to seeing you out again.
Clive, cheers for helping me find the chocolates that i oh so needed to bring back to mummy and the misses.
Dom, your rb5 was very pretty and added to the diverse selection of imprezas we had. I can still smell the clutch!
And finally, ronnie. Great fun we had, on field and off. You seemed to take a liking to radio chatter (although i’m not sure about the arsenal stuff!), i hear you touched 170ish at one point (private roads, of course). I was always real glad to see that you were game for a laugh at all times, be it on the highway or the fieldway =0

Thanks to geert and james for the pictures (some were mine, actually)

It initially seemed like a failure, getting lost there, tired, hungry. But it turned out ok. I will definately be going again very soon

Thanks theo and geert for organising it