Castle Combe rally day

The cars
Lots of group b monsters, superb

The parade
Which I wasn’t invited to =(

Evo 7’s
Help me choose a colour (will be up later)

Evo 6’s
A huge assortment on the day. I read 80 somewhere ! (will be up later)

Castle combe was host to the rally supercar day this beautiful saturday spring morning. We were blessed with fantastic weather and a staggeringly beautifull array of cars. A bias towards rally cars and their homologated brethren meant the cars were admired and by all motoring clubs throughout the country.

An outstanding memory of mine is the noise the audi quattro sport was making. It really did send tingles down my spine. Suprise of the day goes to the red fiesta that took part in the rally sprint. Never seen anything move so fast. Bit ironic really, considering we were giggling at it earlier in the day. Very impressive.

Stef came off too, which is no suprise. He seems to be intent on having at least one ‘off’ per track day. I know that he never puts anyone in any danger, but this does put a black mark on to the reputation of the club. I know for a fact that the mlr consistently criticise the sidc and more specifically its drivers for their inability to control their cars on the circuit. A glance at any of their past four newsletters will confirm their attitude. No doubt the club is becoming tarnished with the same brush that once painted the rsoc. My bias is still towards the sidc, my interest in the mlr has waned somewhat in light of past experiences. So stef, mail me if you disagree and i’ll put your reply up.

I didn’t put my car up on track though. Party because mrs blowdog was with me but also because I plan on selling my car now. I will put up a formal update to confirm this but essentially, I didn’t want to tempt fate. Having said that, there was a hell of a lot to look at, the track action was quite fun, the talent was quite high and the cars on show were mesmerisingly gorgeous.

Evo 7’s were there in force and served no purpose other than cementing my decision with regards to its purchase. Only question is, which colour do I go for?

Also a quick mention to the sidc boys. Lots of fun had, thoroughly enjoy the company of the club and look forward to many more future events.

Moments worthy of storage to my memory:

The stupidly fast mk 2 fiesta. Fastest thing of the day.
The lancia integrale with martini colours. I can see where the makinens styling is influenced from.
The metro (?!) 6r4’s.
Russ swift and donuts in a makinen.
The dragon cars, evo’s with lovely decals.
The blue makinen.
Ralliart uk’s evo7s lined up.
Stef in a four wheel drift.
Jacket potatoes with cheese and beans.
The audi sport quattro raping the roads outside.
The skyline with 19’s.

Despite my previous rants with regards to mlr, I cannot doubt the amount of work darin et co was getting through on the day. He always seemed to be out of breath and never stood still for more than a second. So well done to them. Without them it wouldn’t have been possible.

Dammit I could go on. Roll on bedford.