Suicides here please

I am going to turn this site into Endorse-R-Us. Watched Stef’s video from the ‘Ring today. I will be honest, I was a little sceptical before watching, but I shall eat a little humble pie. The guy’s a loon. Truly. Anyone who can go in to a chirping drift over a blind crest at over 100MPH has no qualms with Satan. The battle’s with John Felstead in his 300+BHP Westfield were fantastic. Its only in video’s like this you realise how fast that car is. But don’t underestimate Stef’s ability to keep up. A good video, worth a buy, if only for background noise. I hope he keeps things in check time to time though, I would hate for him to face any misfortune, I actually like the guy. A sobering scene was when they were going hell for leather, only to have to slam the brakes for a row of cars and yellow flags only to pass a still motorbike riders corpse on the tarmac. We aren’t unbreakable I suppose.