Evil eye succeeds again

Whilst enjoying a leisurely drive down one of my favourite B roads today, I was pleasantly surprised to see a Metro with 6 occupants come tearing round a bend to face me (death) in the eyes. I was going slow, in anticipation that a Metro with 6 occupants on board may come round the bend faster than they should do. One very long skid later, they Metro was kind enough to take some of my paint with it on its way past. I hope I wasn’t too aggressive, it seemed the 6 boys were afraid to come out of the car. Apparently, I was scaring the shit out of them with my rage of fury. Now, I am a sympathetic person, really I am. But I have been screwed recently by a particular Canadian friend and have learnt from it. But when faced with a kid who pays £2300 insurance for a Metro 110 and earns £300 per month from a part time job at Sainsbury’s, my pity buttons start getting pushed.
NO I SHALL NOT SUCCUMB! Luckily, the damage was superficial. I shall still make the little bastard sweat a bit. Grrr..as we say back home, the evil eye is a powerful tool of envy.