Makinen at Bedford Autodrome

Pictures courtesy of Josh Levy ©

Bedford Autodrome is one of the largest motoring entertainment sites in the UK. It has a very large track that is split into 4 mini circuits. Our track for the day was one of the nicest, easiest tracks I have been on. A 2 km straight provided high speed thrills and also ensured many people went home with good ol’ Mr. Spongy Brake.

Fortunately, because of its set up, it is also an excellent track for amateurs. Its vast, wide run off area’s are ideal safety nets for those that require a margin for error. Of course, this also meant that there were amateurs on the track. This isn’t a bad thing altogether, but does mean that one needs to maintain a level of respect for those that haven’t had as much experience as you. This was demonstrated by a number of incidents that could well have resulted in a few shed tears.

A fantastic SIDC event, the day also included an evening BBQ, although expensive, tasted very good. Company was great again and I look forward to the next Bedford track day.

Many thanks to Josh for the fantastic quality photo’s (I have spent a fortune with that guy).

As a footnote, I took wifey out for the first time ever. After the first corner (literally) she shrieked and wanted to come back in. After two laps of absolute torture, I decided to bring the poor lass in. The colour in her face has just returned.