Enough alread – insurance woes

I’m sure everyone gets this feeling time to time, but I have just about had enough. Things going on at the moment. My insurers have shut shop (Independant) which means I have to look elsewhere. Over the course of 10 calls to varying brokers and underwriters, I have collated quotes between £5,500 and £16,000 (!!!!) for a years comprehensive cover. Add to this the issue with the punk who hit my car in his crap metro who now claims I damaged his car in the process. Furthermore, Turtle Wax wheel polish has destroyed my wheels so I am now in the process of claiming some form of compensation from them. I ask you all, is it worth it? At what point does a hobby turn into an obsession? Is there a defining moment? I, for one, refuse to pay that much money for insurance. Its outrageous. I also hate the way I get screwed by all the idiots on the road. And when a man can;t sit back and enjoy his white wheels, then there’s a fundamental problem with this planet. I have a week exactly to decide of the Makinen stays or goes. I bet an Evo 7 is cheaper to insure. And why the hell don’t the London Underground have air conditioning? *Sigh*