The lingering thought

I still want an Evo 7. But I am pretty convinced that if I was to buy one, it would be replaced in an instant with a new model. Its quite surreal now, Japanese hi-tech cars have become not unlike the ever restless PC market, where benchmarks are forever changing and specifications are never set in stone because of ever shifting goal posts. Amazing considering this game has only two players, Subaru and Mitsubishi (how aggressively they fight, though, the WRC scene is testament to this) This market will take a hit soon though, people are becoming more reluctant to purchase their cars in fear of being superseded within a couple of months with a newer, faster and better looking model. Which is why the M3 is looking to be an even more attractive proposition. With BMW promising to double output, this can only help the cars become more accessible by pushing down second hand market prices because of lesser demand.