Silverstone and Trax 2001. Shame I couldn’t honour my track time, I have a deposit on the car so I wouldn’t be fair on new owner. However, lots of fun to be had, not for the two cars that died. A totalled P1 and a very dead 993 Turbo 4. Ack. I would love to push for track day organisers to put pressure on members to organise personal and third party insurance cover. Imagine the scenario. Bob in his piece of crap comes far too fast round the corner, loses total control and rear ends you on the straight. 100% totally his fault, but you have to pay for it. He has no legal obligation whatsoever to cough up. There is something definitely Pete Tong here.

Trax 2001, fast becoming the new Max Power Live show, housed the largest gathering of enthusiast clubs and merchandisers of the year. Despite being poorly organised in getting people in and out of the complex (thats Silverstone for you) the day was very enjoyable.

God didn’t grant us our wishes though. Even though we were chased across England by perhaps the darkest clouds ever, the rain did not appear. Shame, would have made for hilarious driving.