Although the Makinen was certainly not one for shy types, this car has a much more profound effect on people. With this much road presence, it’s hard to simply ignore it. If its looks won’t capture you, the sound will warrant a little attention at least! Fantastic sound, and I only have a Nismo backbox and centre section with a HKS induction kit. I am looking forward to doing a little tinkering with this car. Everybody knows how easy it is to get big horsepower from these cars with minimum fuss. I look forward to a tasty 400BHP with little modification.

In terms of driver appeal, it certainly excels. For such a large car to feel impossibly nimble is a feat in itself, defying it’s gargantuan size with lithe movements and the grace of a feline. Even so, you are still wary of the bulk you are commanding and I have always sensed a demand for respect from this car. I had a fantastic drift moment on one of my favourite roundabouts. Although it took me entirely by surprise, it was a fabulous, almost dream like moment which sent all 4 wheels spinning out of the exit. However, I still fear it, for if one end decided to overtake the other, then I cannot say that electronics, however complex and ingenious, will champion the might of the laws of physics. You simply cannot ignore the mass of metal that is the R34.

I am still learning this car (naturally, I am only on my 2nd day of ownership) so there are a lot of academic and theoretical assumptions being made on my part. I look forward to taking it onto a track day. I should imagine it would be supreme on a track day, because although up to 60MPH, my previous Evo acts faster (more of an event, maybe) the Skyline makes good use of its extra turbo and larger capacity by igniting itself into another atmosphere once triple figures start to loom. Its top end acceleration is brutal, and because of its 8000RPM red line, you always feel that you give up way before the car starts moaning.

There are some fantastic driver aids on this car though, from its HICAS 4WS to the complex, yet hugely satisfying centre console digital display read out, you know the car is always trying its damned hardest to make sure that the driver is having a fab time.

I’ve a lot to learn, and teach, about this car. But I’m going to learn to walk before I try to run.

Now, who does the best downpipe?