Good habits

The Skyline is fast becoming a toy of addiction. It’s practically impossible to be near it without wanting to drive it. Totally intoxicating and utterly addictive, it selfishly demands my total time and dedication. 361bhp isn’t a lot on paper, where we live in a society familiar with somewhat more surreal figures. 700 BHP Skylines and Supras are now 2 a penny and pub talk often brings up the immortal question to any Skyline owner of “You can tune these to over 1000bhp can’t you?”. Quite. But to me, 361 is perhaps more than any sane individual would want out of a road car. I can get into triple figures by the time it takes you to dial a phone number. Still, I’ve always wanted a Mine’s car, and their replacement 400bhp ECU is looking remarkably attractive. Xmas is coming, I should treat myself.