Whilst on a trip to Halfords, we were accosted by the local cruise scene. A great pleasure owning and talking about something that every enthusiast loves. Their website, although currently defunct, aims to organise local cruises etc. I have some pictures of the night too where I was present with a 22B, STi 2 and an Evo 6. Quite a sight for any enthusiast.

Makes owning these cars so much more enjoyable when you can see it put smiles on the faces of others too. I’m happy that we are also approachable. I have often thought about this and tried to be as social as possible. Quite often you come across a fantastic car that is being driven by an asshole. Classic case:

TVR Tuscan had just been released in the UK. When filling up with petrol, said car pulls up next to me in adjacent pump. Car looks absolutely superb.

Me : “That is absolutely stunning mate, superb!”
Him : “Yeah, it is isn’t it” (whilst walking off)

This was said with the smuggest face you’ve ever seen. I would also like to point out that he was in a Hawaii shirt.