SIDC National Day at Donington

Mixed feelings on this one. Despite the prospect of a trackday on a 420bhp Skyline with brand new AP brakes, I came away with a bitter taste in my mouth. Meeting the fellow club members was a joy as ever, with not enough time in the day to satisfy conversation. But the air was heavy with competition and testosterone. Close to being rammed off the circuit twice and three times showered with gravel from over enthusiastic drivers doing the TOCA thang, I often felt that the overall theme of fun was replaced by a sinister race format, something I had no intention of participating in. It seems the BBS makes hero’s out of would-be’s and in doing so, these people feel they have a reputation to live up to. At all costs.
At lease the drive up in convoy with the aftermarket exhaust equipped F355 was interesting. My fillings were rattled by the end of the journey, say no more.