Socking the Gatsos

Zap…… within 14 days, a nice brown envelope drops on your door mat. It’s a horrible feeling, and it’s not the £60 fixed penalty that bothers you, it’s another 3 points on the way to 12 that will see you banned from driving your pride and joy that gets your goat. It’s like a resigned fate. After all, they are doing you a favour by allowing you to take the points and pay them £60, that’s much much better than what could happen should you choose to go to court…… or are they?

You can do one of three things now:

  1. Fill in the form (NIP) send them £60 and your licence and try and forget about it (until next time) (the one they want you to do)
  2. In the case of a GATSO, you could smash it up with a JCB or hang a tyre around it and burn it down. You might feel better, but you’ve still got to pay the £60 and take the three points (and we couldn’t condone such an act could we) or…
  3. You could trundle over to and start finding out what you can LEGALLY do to fight the system.

What’s more, you may well discover that you were never breaking the law in the first place !!!