GT3 Launch Party at Thruxton 2006

Porsche choose Thruxton as a venue to launch the new 997 GT3
Still no launch dates confirmed, although an estimated delivery of first models due Aug/Sept 06.

Amazed at how few people have actually stumped up a deposit on the GT3. My dealer has only 5 paid deposits for the car, with someone like Aberdeen having zero. Would have thought at least double digits. I guess the £10k deposit has scared a few people.

Thought the car was great spec, missing only PCN. White car is definately a confirmation for me, but white wheels looked naff. Also, disappointed that the awesome alcantara was replaced by tacky looking carbon. Leather felt a little misplaced also where it had replaced alcantara.

Also interesting to note that the club sport spec roll cage now has a cross diagonal design – 2 bars instead of the one. This should make putting things into back seat a little harder.

During interview, Mr. GT3 (head of project planning for GT3 projects since 1998) said the best spec for GT3 is:

Carbon Seats (must have)
PCCB (must have)
Club Sport (although without the cage – this I found wierd, what else you get with CS apart from cage??)

I think the cynical man in me spotted that he’d added 2 of the most expensive options from the catalogue – PCCB at £5k and the seats at £3k.