8 months later and none the wiser

Doesn’t time fly? It’s been a sturdy 8 months since the last time I convinced myself that I had something of note to write, sure that there were interested readers out there. Despite the delusion, I do have pangs of regret for not keeping this site upto date. Life always completes a full circle and I have taken these sabbaticals before, they are a necessary requirement so I may concentrate on other areas of my life.

What’s changed? Not much actually. As the credit crunch chews small businesses for snacks, spitting out bones, I try to keep my head low and watch from afar the effects of our decaying economy. People are scared, the city is silent and the phones are dead. It’s an eirie place to be in the city.

Still, the GT3 is ever more the hero with no love lost. If anything, I continue to accumulate my respect as I grow to learn it. I’ve no doubt had plenty time to familiarise myself with this car, nigh on 2 years, yet I still learn something new about it every time I take it out. As a mark of my attachment to it, I actually cancelled my GTR order – shock horror. Multiple reasons for doing this, most notable is my loss of faith in Nissan. I wasn’t even able to get onto a Race Academy day yet as GTR Register forum owner I do nothing but read about the wonderful experiences of others. Aside from that, buying a new car in the midst of a recession isn’t a clever thing to do.

Still, whoever says our actions are dictated by logic is a fucking idiot!

Meanwhile, forgive the layout problems, some major re-writing required, all galleries are dead and do not work.