At Snetterton with the GT3

Casting my mind back even as recent as last year, the thought of impending rain on a trackday would do nothing other than send me into a fit of depression that could be broken only by the decision to return home and chew my own face off.

Aside from rain at the ‘ring (that’s a whole different story), I actually look forward to wet conditions as I’ve discovered my strengths have accumulated over the years, especially having done the drift training days at Papenberg. Some circuits are of course more suited to wet conditions than others, but I am found to jump in the car with renewed vigour at the mere hint of changing conditions.

Snetterton is such a circuit where you can approach and loiter at the limits of your car and skill as it affords generous width of circuit and plenty of bends that entertain 90 degree opposite lock activities without endangering yourself nor fellow track users.

As the weather cleared up and dried, so did my overall speed and commitment and the pace that we maintain can only be described as a revelation when compared to my skills only 12 months ago. I know not if this car and I are becoming further ‘at one’, or if my testosterone is increasing by the trackday, but I am surprising myself at just how quick this car is.

Look for the video of this day in the videos section.