Glamour shoot for Cargo magazine

Way back in 2003 when I had finished pretty much all my work for the V-Spec Nur GTR, I was approached by Cargo magazine, an American mens lifestyle magazine. For its launch issue, they wanted to showcase a handful of cars that the US market were not able to obtain and the GTR was one of them.
Unfortunately, Cargo magazine no longer exist as their launch was not in sync with the current trends of male society, but regardless, I managed to get some incredible prints from the car.

The photos were taken in a photographers cove, a unique room that has no angles and is curved throughout – I will only assume this is to stop angular reflection of light or something, but the awesomeness of the photos were realised when they sent me the prints shortly after.

It’s taken me, ooh, 5 years to scan them, but here they are in all their glory. Please try not to distribute them as strictly speaking, they are copyright the photographer – but christ knows who he was. Professional courtesy and all….you understand.