Video: GT3 hooning on the German Autobahns

This was on a trip between the Nurburgring and Papenburg. There’s a fantastic delimited motorway between these two locations that lasts for about 100 miles.
I saw an indicated 207MPH on this trip which was an incredible experience. You can empty a fuel tank on this autobahn in 20 mins.

997 GT3 and 535d BMW on Autobahn
Henry in his ridiculously fast diesel carries his speed through as I quickly dip in between cars to allow him to pass all of us. German Autobahn.

997 GT3 at 200MPH overtaking Monaro
Unconfirmed by lack of GPS but indicated speedo of 200MPH. Cars overtaken are CL65 (were it not limited it would have blown me away!) and Monaro which I overtake at 170MPH. Route is German autobahn, conditions good and traffic clear

997 GT3 at 207MPH
This is naturally indicated and in no way proven, although I’d estimate 200MPH based on 8000+ RPM at 6th gear. Car feels remarkably stable at this speed and vastly different to the previous generation 996 at same speed. Route is German autobahn, conditions good and traffic clear.