Er, anybody at home? Wake up economy

Without wishing to sound confident in terms economical, I can only echo the thoughts of the world in hoping that this big lol joke played on us by the financial controlling powers will end soon.

Although personally, the effects are not quite as dramatic as experienced by others less fortunate, I have borne witness to large changes to spending habits in my specific industry. The city is muted, phones aren’t ringing and there is constant scrutiny on spend and budgetary concerns. Begone, I say to whims of pessimism and chords of dissent! Scarcely do I hear good news on the economy as the media has turned the debacle into a self perpetuating disaster with constant murmurs of discord.

Still, it seems that there are those as yet unperturbed by the downturn of our financial house of cards as they continue to spend money akin to those with zero monetary concern. Cars are now so ridiculously cheap that not a day goes by without me considering a trade in (worry not, it would be for another GT3 – I have eyes for no other!) but the truth of it is, if you buy cheap, you sell cheap.

So we sit tight and count the days until we are greeted either by the four riders of the apocalypse, or a herald of better tidings (According to America, it’s Obama?). My financial adviser tells me to remain liquid and force back thoughts of early repayment of mortgages. Banks aren’t lending, clients aren’t paying and computer games are STILL nearly fifty quid!

Although, there are good aspects to this economy. Interest is so low my mortgage has halved, there are some bargains to be had out in retail and as a closet hagglist, I am finding ridiculously easy targets out there. And if you’re an employed individual with relatively safe job prospects, then it’s never been better. Your cost of living has essentially halved, VAT is lowered so your iPods are cheaper (and continue to make Apple unprecedented sales records) and even the likes of Northern Rock get bonuses!