I’m a fair guy but this heat is making me crazy

Despite having a fickle nature, the effects of the economy on the used car market are driving me insane. Every night I spend browsing through online classifieds ads in a desperate bid to convince myself that I could do with a change of car scenery.

So what are my contemplations?

Well, how about this fantastic Gallardo Spyder, in my opinion the best looking open top there is. Its price has dropped pretty violently in the past 3-4 months and with all the right options too – sat nav, white, ceramic brakes, callisto wheels etc. And at 85k before haggling, that’s a veritable bargain! The Spyder is also based on the 06 model Gallardo which came with a whole heap of upgrades and improvements over the original launch car. Only caveat is the launch of the new LP560 – naturally this will have a knock on effect on prices of existing cars. Still, ultimate pose mobile?


Another Gallardo, but with more function. Proven already as a competent track tool, the Gallardo Superleggera is probably the best looking production track car ever! They’ve becoming increasingly popular lately as a result of their sudden price drops from £160k + options down to £90k bargains. Stunning lookers but with a horrible transmission that you just know will betray you when you least expect it. Only other caveat is running costs of a Lamborghini track car. If you need to ask, you can’t afford it. This one is £99k with only 3,000 miles on the clock. Crazy.


“What’s this?” I hear you ask. Yeah, the GT3 is so goddamn hardcore, I’m looking for another. But as with housing, you buy cheap, you also sell cheap. I’m also quite interested in a change of colour and this black example looks rock solid. Only problem is finding a spec that I want (club sport, PCCB brakes and sat-nav). That combination doesn’t come up often. I’m even looking for a possible RS. Still, there’s something to be said for GT3 residuals. For a car that cost me £86k new over 2 years ago and is still commanding £60k + prices, that is an absolute awesome result. This particular example is on for £67k


Or hour about this, the 599 Ferrari? It was only 6 months ago that these beauties were available for no less than £230k. They really were sought after and now, they’re hovering from £125k onwards. Not quite affordable, but a certain bargain for sure? This made Evo’s car of the year don’t forget and as for looks divides opinion, but for me it’s one of the most dramatic cars on the road today.


Still not convinced? I know, this V12 monster is right up your street. An £80k Murcielago can’t be ignored so blatantly, no other car arouses as much interest, especially in this orange. As far as traffic stoppers go, what else for this money? I can think of no other. It is agricultural, uncouth, abrasive and certainly inappropriate in today’s climate – but you can’t deny the Lamborghini daddy.


Best place one can be is with no cars and the cash in bank. But then, who says anybody with petrol in his veins is sensible?