New bike for a pro like me (read: all the gear no idea)

I got quite into cycling last year but that was unfortunately cut short after my garage was broken into and I had my Specialized semi-noob bike stolen. Naturally, they also dragged it down the side of the car so a couple of panels needed a respray. Insurance payout has only just arrived and coupled with the cycle-to-work scheme where business owners can claim back tax and vat, my new 3.5k bike suddenly came in a lot cheaper.

It’s a Cannondale Carbon Rush SL1, top of the range carbon lefty. I’ve not had a chance to ride it yet (at home with cold) but it’s currently parked in my living room looking incredibly sexy.

Got a monster 100km ride booked for April so training needs to start asap or I’m gonna look like the idiot who went into the cycle shop with an empty wallet and said “make me look like robocop please”.

Black bike is my stolen one. The one that was stolen. Stolen from me. Owned by me but nicked. Stolen. Taken without consent.