Nissan making the world LOL

It makes opinionated discussion for someone in my position both litigious and sanctimonious. As owner of the GTR Register, there are no real benefits or privileges aside from the odd snippet of leaked information. The rest is just a grind as Nissan have no intentions to pander to the needs of owners clubs or forums, despite the continued support from said forums as and when intervention is required.

However far and few rewards are with owning a car forum, it can be satisfying at times seeing the uninterrupted dialogue between owners and enthusiasts alike, existing simply because you’ve provided for it and continue to maintain and massage the systems and staff required to run it, regardless of the mountains of cash that can be easily consumed when attempting to keep it ahead of the game.

Even so, I am at a loss when witnessing silently the anger and confusion dealt in equal measure to those currently awaiting for more information regarding their imminent GTR’s. Never have I seen such ambiguity and chaos during the launch of what is hailed as a seminal car. Now that certain criteria has been cast in to the light of scrutiny, it’s easy to see the reason why many others have cancelled.

VDC on/off is a topic of heated discussion with many thousands of words exchanged in the name of clarity but without any success. Nobody still knows the stance of Nissan and the VDC palaver and it’s subsequent effect on warranty status. Pre- and post-track day inspections are frankly hilarious and illustrate the fact that Nissan appear to have lost all control of the situation, preferring to make up rules as and when the voices of discontent increase in volume. Alleged costs of maintenance yearly are in the region of £4000.00 and the fact that Nissan are threatening to void warranties when these conditions are not met are in stark contrast to the Porsche baiting bravado they were keen to exhibit during the glared, lens flared launch over a year ago.

Porsche are at the top of their game for a reason and Nissan’s chipping away at their reputation has been nauseating at the least. Specifically, as a key target demographic, I’d like to see some evidence of these feats being met before championing them. I’ve done over 30 track days in Porsches and their warranty is rock solid. I do not need no nonsense inspections by Porsche in order to validate my legitimacy to partake on these events. I’ve just been to Porsche only a couple of weeks ago to extend my warranty and they were witness to both my horrendously obtuse brake discs and pads and my sticky track tyres. The questions I was asked were along the lines of “What did you think of Oulton Park?”, “I’ve added a litre of oil to your car, no problem – enjoy Silverstone and when you’re back, I’ll let you have a play with a Cayman”.

Nissan have launched this car on massively false pretences.

  • The launch was smothered with news of its record breaking performance on the Nurburgring, smashing all previous times set by other manufacturers.
  • The car was unveiled at the Goodwood Festival of Speed
  • The car was shown to Europe at the Geneva Motorshow last year with a scale to size model of the entire Nurburgring circuit, with plasma screens showing the various track performance snippets. The main attraction, on the hour, was in-car video footage of a banzai lap of the ‘Ring.
  • Race academy was introduced to new owners. A choice of Silverstone or Nurburgring was offered to hone the skills of deposit paid buyers
  • Race helmets were sent out to owners.
  • Ad infinitum

Porsche offer a no-cost option on their track focused cars called the Club Sport package. This comes with a roll-cage, fire extinguisher, race harnesses and in the case of earlier models, fuel cut out switches. There is no hidden deceit with regards to how Porsche are promoting the GT3.

Time will tell the attitude of Nissan dealers and their umbrella supporters, Nissan GB, but at the moment all I can see are disgruntled expectants who are waiting for a spark to convert en mass to alternative cars.

I suggest Nissan spend some time in clearing the mess of the current GTR before continuing to market the Spec-V. The fact that UK owners have to wait a whole year after the ROW is a comically unjust distribution. Ultimately, there is one question to ask:

Is the Nissan GTR a track car, or not?