79th Geneva Motorshow 2009

Geneva Motorshow proved itself again as the premiere car show of the world, with almost complete dedication by all manufacturers, combined with the massive size of the arena makes for a very relaxed browsing environment.

VIP sections visited:

Ferrari – That midget Jean Todd was there. At first they wouldn’t let me on, but when I told them who I was they crapped their pants. Pretty lame dining behind the scene. Cars were ok but the Ferrari 599 FXX or whatever was supreme. Scud convertible was pretty impressive and equally pointless.

Lamborghini – As always, great espresso’s and they have simply the best models in the show – the one on the door made me weep for baby jesus. Murci SV was a special piece of kit and the secret GT3  Gallardo upstairs was impressively made.

Porsche – Didn’t try to get into VIP but sat in the new GT3. Felt remarkably nonplussed by the event and the colour chosen was a very bad choice. They needed to introduce something new and exciting for this, guards red just didn’t work.

Bugatti – VIP tour of the cars and the backroom, one of the most charming salesman I’ve spoken to – and extremely knowledgable and winner of countless races too. When the car started up, my spine went weak.

Nissan – Spec V in the VIP room is pretty pointless and only serves to show just how exceptional value the standard GTR is (Spec V is £100k). The new car is spectacular in white with black wheels and goddamnit I’m disgusted to say I’m tempted to go back into a GTR again – it certainly looked more dramatic than the GT3 did :(

RUF – Alois and his wife were incredibly friendly hosts and the new CTR3 reeked of his blood, sweat and tears – it was his child and they were both proud of it. So they should be, as I think it was the best looking car of the show. Really an amazing car, beautiful.

Alpina – The best VIP snacks in the show, some real nice cheesy crisp things and awesome chocolate florentines – went down very well with an americano. Their new B7 is supreme too. Interesting fact of the day – Alpina have a massively successful global wine business.