Spec time on the next GT3

I was invited to spec my car at Porsche Reading today. For those that don’t know, Reading is Porsche GB head office and that specific centre is pretty much a UK flagship. Firstly, it was a pleasant surprise dealing with a salesman who didn’t act like he’d given birth to Porsche himself and dealing with my contact was a genuinely hearty affair.

After coffee and biscuits, we’re sat at the order kiosk and go through a whole host of options and specifications for the next GT3. Right about now, excitement starts to snowball and bringing Guy with me was a bad mistake as he seems to convince me to order ever spec going. For what it’s worth, here’s what I went with:

  • PCM 3 (Porsche Communication Management touch screen Sat nav)
  • Bluetooth
  • Sound System Plus
  • Universal Audio Interface (iPhone/iPod plug in)
  • Centre console painted exterior colour
  • Lightweight Carbon bucket seats
  • Club Sports package (roll cage, fuel cut out, fire extinguisher and harnesses)
  • PCCB (Porsche Carbon Ceramic Brakes)
  • PADM (Porsche Active Dynamic Mounts – magnetic engine mount dampers)
  • Carbon outer door sill guards

Only problem I have is colour! I simply cannot decide and I’ve rounded it down to either Guards Red or Carrera White. Red looks fantastic in photography, as seen by the excellent Drivers Republic write up, but remarkably dull in the flesh. As for white, it is de rigour, but I’ve done white for 2.5 years now and, well, I’d like a change.

There’s always Reims blue…(see pic below)

After the hard work, we were taken around for a tour of the grounds, which really were quite surprising. Porsche Reading are the only official dealers trained to service the 959, Carerra GT and the GT1 – all of which were there in the workshops. There must have been 5-6 GT’s in the back. The million pound GT1 was quite the sight too.

Walking back to the car, conversation turned to my current car. I’ve been advised to sell it prior to the trackday season so I may get a good return in advance of my new car arriving. This was naturally a prequel to sad thoughts as I have had such ridiculously good times with this car, I will be heartbroken to see it go. It’s a great spec and the dealer mentioned it would fly out the doors, based on club sport + white.

I’m also first to take delivery in the country, due in September. Can’t come soon enough.

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