Q7 swallows motorbike

A colleague stumbled into some misfortune recently by having his motorbike stolen. Rascals. However, semi-good news surfaced with news of the recovery by police of said bike. I say semi-good because first, he had to pay for the recovery £100 odd – which, as a victim of crime, is a crime in itself. Second, after retrieving the bike after 3 hours of queuing, he discovered the bike wouldn’t start and he needed £300.00 to tow it that time of night at 11pm.

Cue, super-Cem. Had no idea if the bike would fit into the back of the Q7 but some rumaging around and it was a super easy fit with space to boot (ho ho). Thankfully the leaking of fuel was sheltered by the canvas lining I placed underneath it.

Picture below of loltastic escapade.