Have you ever polished a juggernaught?

As if a wash, clay bar, cleanse, polish and wax on the GT3 wasn’t enough, I decided I hadn’t done my soon-to-be operated shoulder enough damage, so I then went on to do the Q7 – although climbing a mountain would have been less taxing.

A massive undertaking this car, but the results are pretty neat. As car makers continually strive to maximise profits and cut costs, a recent trend is to cut depth of paint reducing the protective nature of the laquer. Finger nail marks, scratches and swirl marks appear so quickly it dulls the otherwise deep black shine. After the treatment, the results were hugely impressive.

The GT3, resplendent as always, triggered thoughts of sale and closure. With an operation to my shoulder due imminently, there’s going to be very little use for the car in the coming weeks/months. Sale ad up soon :(