Not sure if we should call this an action movie as I’d rather bill it as a 90 minute Van Damme confessional. The film stars JCVD as himself in an almost mockumentary, fly on the wall repertoire of Van Damme as his life appears to be free-falling into chaos. On his way to a post office, VD is caught up in a heist which places him in the centre of a hostage situation.

As far as films go, it majors on originality and based in belgium, the film is French subtitled. This gives it that classic world cinema feel that often comes hand in hand with a seal of quality and JCVD doesn’t disappoint.

The film is interjected by a 2-3 minute monologue where VD confronts the audience and appears to break down, in his poetic/slightly unhinged way that these days is expected from him. The film captures in 90 minutes everything that has gone wrong with Van Damme’s career and highlights the issues that can always get in the way of a movie stars portfolio.

I really hope this kick starts the mans career again as he showed a metric fuck tonne of spirit – it can’t be easy to bare all without coming across as the cheap whores on reality tv programmes following ‘celebrities’ these days.