How to Lose Friends and Alienate People

Seems there are three types of films the British excel at. Period dramas, cockney wanker ganster flicks or the self parodic, brit down on his luck trying to make way into the girl who is currently dominated by the cool, successful, often american, rival.

How to….follows this latter to a tee and is enjoyable only by the odd moment of comedy, but Kirsten Dunst really is difficult to watch in her constant, repressed, out of luck and knows it character, and combined with Simon Pegg attempting the cool guy role really leaves a film out of sorts with itself.

And yes, Megan Fox is ridiculously hot, but what first appears satirical slowly becomes creepily self gratifying. I read an article about her in Total Film a few weeks back where she was criticising her portrayal as somebody who offers nothing other than sex appeal. Naturally, this film did a grand job of fighting that perception!