Tyson, narrated, starring and about the man himself, is an unabashed, undressing of one of the most celebrated and followed boxers in the history of the sport.
Anybody of that generation will remember suddenly being magnetised to the sport as a result of Iron Mike Tyson and his animal like antics in and out of the ring. Personally, I can still remember his punches live on screen and feeling like the guy was a direct descendant of some Greek god. Anyone attempting to confront him in the ring was quite clearly already recipient of one too many punches to the face.

This is a candid dressdown of a boxer, nay, poet, who quite clearly came from humble beginnings and used fear as a motivation to become the world champion at such an early age.

To anybody who has followed the crazed aggression of the boxer in and out of the ring will be amazed to find so many hidden truths that reveal many of his acts of animal like activities were not as primal as once presumed. His parting words at his last fight are practically heartbreaking and respect must be given to the film maker for painting such a picture of warmth and compassion.