GTR plagues the mind

Met up with Guy and Henry today in their new cars (GTR and GT3 respectively). It was night time when we eventually met and the idea was to look for a suitable photo location for the three cars. We made our way up to the Mercedes Benz World in Brooklands but was way too late and no amount of smoothtalking was letting us in. Despite being thrown out of a number of locations that evening, we continued like soldiers looking for the perfect location.

We eventually found an awesome spot in the back of the Tesco’s distribution centre. However, the shelf stacker got an opportunity to demonstrate some authority and had us out of there too. Essentially, the whole night was a failure. Even Guy was pulled over by the local police, not for breaking the law but simply because they were curious about ‘whether this was the new GTR?’.

Despite the lack of success throughout the night, as each minute passed I became more enamoured by the sheer presence of Guy’s GTR in the night roads. I had the same feeling watching the car cruise in the midnight light, with it’s rear LED’s, as I felt when I used to watch Knight Rider as a child. There’s this sense of scale and competence that was quite overpowering. I couldn’t help but follow in it’s shadow as it’s rear lights painted red lines across the evening landscape.

Photos were scarce, but here’s one for kicks.