In an exciting turn of events, I have been lusting after the new GT3RS, pictures of which were released a few weeks back. Considering my GT3 is due to to arrive Tuesday 29th September, I will make it into a shortlist of weirdos who has 2 deposits down for 2 different cars at the same dealer.

Sanity is still fighting with emotion, but for the first time in many years, the RS appears to inherit all the characteristics of the GT3 but with a key number of added wow’s.

Not an exclusive list, but:
Short ratio, short shift gearbox
15bhp +
Titanium exhaust
Wider front track
RS specific PASM suspension
Bigger wheels
Dynamic engine mounts as standard

As for looks, opinions are divided. At first I was bewildered by the choices afforded, but time has been sympathetic and now I want one pretty badly.

I’ve rang pretty much every dealer in the country and the order books are already filled. My dealer says he can get me one – but I’m looking at 5th place in the queue there. I guess it serves me right for not acting quickly when I had the chance!!

  • Chris Brown

    Hi Cem
    We met at the Ring for the RMA GP days in 07 and did a group photo with our white GT3s and Glenn and Ken and I think Henry in his CSL.
    Great site! Thanks.
    I’m writing to ask if you’re on the Titanic list and if so would be able to get me back on – I unsubscribed about a year ago when I sold the GT3. Now I too am hesitating between the 3 and the RS for 2010/11 and would like to see what’s being said on Titanic.
    The email I used to have there was but that no longer works, so am using the above free account.
    Enjoy the new car, and I’m looking forward to seeing news of it on here!

    • Hi Chris,

      Yes indeed I remember. Hope you’re well.
      I stopped using Titanic many years ago, but that’s no reflection on the service itself. I don’t have any knowledge of it at all I’m afraid. Gary Bullen is in charge of it.