Actually wait…this thing is mental

At first, I was pretty convinced that the new GT3 was somewhat of an incremental improvement and I was steadying myself to accept that there would be no major surprises.

Still, that’s no bad thing as the car looks fantastic and I seem to keep finding excuses to just take the car out of the garage, sit in it, and reverse it back in. Except this time, I carried on going up the A41, not famous for any spirital association with driving evo’ness, but an opportunity to stretch its legs again.

It’s proper quick. There’s an added sense of urgency now, low down. I remember a slight latency at low revs, but that appears vanquished as the car offers a typically relentless banshee howl. And what a screamer. I’m positive this car is louder, it’s certainly more vocal and I’m really digging the opportunities to bounce sound waves off of low walls.

It also appears, unless I’m mistaken, that Porsche have placed the engine back into the front. That sense of disconnectivity the car had with the road in the first gen GT3 when hard accelerating and turning has all but evaporated, with a real added feeling of weight way up front. Real confidence inspiring stuff.

Snetterton booked for this weekend coming, although not sure I’m going to have a geo set up in time. I’m curious to see how these dynamic engine mounts are on track. And why the hell can’t I play video on my TFT??