Alpina rebuild well on the way….at last

Remember that cute E30 BMW I bought way back last year? Well, it went into restoration in April 2009 and frankly, it’s been in limbo for a LONG time. We’ve had body shop problems with paint shops going out of business, queue slot debates and quality assurance debates.

For those who didn’t know, my Alpina turned out to be a toffee apple. It’s a term used in the trade to describe a delicious looking skin that disguises rotten bodywork underneath. My car turned out to be a bit of a dog. So we went right back down to the shell. The whole car was stripped, cleaned, galvanised, sanded, wielded and repainted in its original Lachs Silver glory.

It’s starting to look fabulous again, even though it’s just a shell. Next step is to rebuild the original Alpina C2 2.7 engine.

Update soon.