It all goes downhill from here…

Yesterday I had a great time at the Silverstone race drivers school attending my ARDS test, giving me access to a National B Race license. It was a pretty nice day actually with a wet Silverstone National circuit playing host to our test, using a Lotus Exige. It was all relatively simple – in fact it was harder keeping it slow so as to not risk any spin, to do so would mean having to book in another day at £300.00 to redo the test.

The theory test followed which was really a combination of multiple choice questions firstly on flags, then hypothetical scenarios on and off track. Easy stuff and an easy pass. Now comes the expensive bit. Decent kit on its own is going to cost me in the region of £1500.00 and I’ve already started looking at cars such as this:

So my question to myself, do I get a 997RS.2, or do I go for something cheaper and sink some money that I don’t have into racing?

Why didn’t I take up a cheaper hobby? Something like flight?