Because a car just isn’t fast enough

Back in January 2012, I made a rather last minute decision to take my motorbike test. There really wasn’t much thought that went into it apart from being denied a hire bike when abroad because my license didn’t have the category required.

So I told myself to take the test so that I may never be graced with a rejection like that again. I didn’t even know if I’d buy a bike, still believing that they were dangerously irresponsible and just too far from the creature comforts I’m used to.

Then I started taking my test. The enjoyment I got out of the bike was sudden. Like a motoring rebirth, the sense of freedom suddenly bestowed upon me was magnificent and I became an immediate, overnight convert.

During those cold bitter harsh months of January to March 2012, I learnt how to ride with vigour and enthusiasm committing myself 100% to the lessons I was taking at Metropolis Motorcycles, where a great relationship started to form.

Eventually, passing my test, I went and did the most ridiculous thing and bought myself a beautiful brand new Triumph 675R. You can read about that in another article.

Truth is, taking my bike test was one of the most enjoyable things I’ve ever done, not least because it was shared with good friend Andy who was a fantastic pillar throughout. If you have an opportunity to do this, then relish it and enjoy it. It surely ranks as one of the last, unfiltered demonstrations of freedom we can experience on the open road.