Proteus Review – PC

There’s a fantastic revival going on at the moment around 8 bit gaming. The past few years I have enjoyed many masterpieces of gaming nirvana, from the infinite opportunities offered in Minecraft, to the endless replayable nature of The Binding of Isaac down to other less known titles such as FTL, Hotline Miami and many others.

A new addition to the library of 80’s throwback gaming is Proteus on Steam. It’s an explorative game that has no instruction and simply relies on your inquisition and instinct to guide you through a journey through the seasons.

The mood is changed accordingly as you approach various objects, with rain providing a suitable ambient background soundtrack, to the bouncing melodies of rabbits jumping away from you.

Visually it shares little with anything else, but there is a sense of the Minecraft world to it in terms of terrain and exploration, but without the interaction that makes Minecraft such a treasure.

I had been wandering the land without much interest to my surroundings, watching as spring became summer and autumn became winter. I realised that I had been chasing the end game without much care of the developments around me, curious as to why this game had received such grand reviews until I realised that I had been playing for well over an hour.

I champion these games that go against the multi-million dollar investments to franchised titles. I love the fact that I play more of these games than any Call of Black Duty Ops Honour could ever entice me to.

Despite this game firing an 8bit blank for me, I still am gladdened by its existence. Although at £6 I suspect it doesn’t provide such great value with no apparent replay opportunity.