Wreck it Ralph

This is what life’s about.

Disney, Pixar, Dreamworks – enough to get any adult excited. Strange given the films are directly intended for kids. But they possess so many hidden layers these days that it’s impossible to not get drawn into them as an adult.

So I always enjoy watching these movies with my two girls. Add to that video games references from the 80’s and I was literally shouting at the screen “It’s Ryu from Streetfighter! Zangief! Q*bert!” Ad infinitum.

It’s a lovingly crafted story that packs all the emotional punch we expect from a modern Disney movie. And the detail is fantastic, with sprites created so passionately, even the way they move is reminiscent.

Clearly, I’m a sucker to the marketing machine of Disney. Get the parents hooked and the kids follow. I remember when I was a kid, I would be the one asking my parents to take me to the cinema.

Now, I’m just chomping at the bit for the next animated excellence.