Zero Dark Thirty

I literally had no idea what this film was about when I sat down.

Avoided any trailers and only absorbed the comments from a few friends who persuaded me to watch it.

After 20 minutes of gruelling introductions to the Bush jnr. method of interrogations (I had to wiki water-boarding), I was concerned that I’d committed to a movie dramatising American sensationalism. I’m really not a fan.

But my cynicism was misplaced as I enjoy a 2 hour culmination of intense, exciting drama surrounding the efforts the CIA place into capturing and eliminating key Al-Qaeda targets.

Don’t expect Black Hawk Down action. It’s not that type of movie. It gains your respect through a climatic build up that places you in the heart of Jessica Chastai (who is super cute) and her relentless, self deprecating efforts to achieve her goals at any cost.

Great performances that highlight this somewhat turbulent era baked in terrorism. Those of us who have a little scepticism surrounding whether Bin Laden actually ever exists or if the entire USA is embroiled in some form of perverted, futile vain effort to plug the failures of the senior Bush administration need to just switch off any conspiracy theories and just accept this as a possible branch in the tree of 9/11 possibilities, despite the film’s overtly persuasive attempts to inform us that it is all based on true accounts and that THIS ACTUALLY HAPPENED.