Number plate stolen – what to do

Biowidge. I’ve been happy with people calling me that for 10 years now.

Because for that long, it’s been the number plate on my car. B10WDG. A good friend of mine, Adam, bought it for me that long ago and it’s been on every single car I’ve owned since then.

It has a lot of sentimental value because it’s my identifier. Every photo of my car has that plate on it.Except I no longer have possession of it as it’s been stolen from me.

When I sold my Green GT3RS (pictured above), in August 2010 to a Richard Baldwin, there was an agreement that he would return my cherished plate to me by retention. He’d been in my house, brought his children along and I’d come to trust the guy as he gave me no reason not to.

Nearly 3 years on and he still hasn’t returned it. He has even put it in writing to a police investigation that he would promise to return the plate to me on retention. There is an infinite trail of text messages, phone calls, voicemails and emails that all show his failed promises.

So, this plate that means so much to me, even have the plate pressed and created for my Ducati, is actually far from my grasp.

I understand he has been on the run for a while now from a number of people chasing him surrounding a number of dishonest deals. So I ask anyone, what advice would you give?

Would DVLA honour the deal in his absence and reissue me the plate? Or should I go the legal route?