Crysis 3

Hark the arrival of first in a string of ‘next-gen’ titles.

Crysis looks amazing. I’m playing this on a PC and I am unable to use its best settings as the game has clearly been engineered to take advantage of technology not even made yet.

Combining the urban and jungle worlds of Crysis 1 and 2, the third in the series centres around the Prophet’s super suit. The super suit has evolved further and is now an alien infected biological entity that often demonstrates super powers as you gain invincibility and destructive capabilities not seen in the previous episodes.

All great going so far, with some awesome alien weaponry working in tandem with the typically vogue bow providing silent killing abilities. Psycho makes another return and I pray this absurd love of cockney characters in action games comes to a close soon as they are becoming exaggerated caricatures of their originals.

Gameplay follows a linear, mission objective based fashion with checkpoints setting progressive markers. Progression is rewarded by the discovery of new weapons and exacting that vengeance upon evolving alien mobs.

It’s stunning to look at and clearly deserves the next gen monikers. It’s easy to progress through though and I’m sure will present replay value as we buy better equipment over the years, it wouldn’t surprise me if this title became the proper testing title to batter power rigs of the future.