Euro Truck Simulator 2

Under no regular circumstances would I normally find myself playing such a game as this.

I always thought about simulation games and the appeal. Be it cars or aircraft, it’s the extreme side of those pursuits that hold interest for me. If I’m in a car, I want to be racing bumper to bumper. In an aircraft, perhaps some dogfighting.

In a truck, it seems the parallels are stark as you find yourself contemplating the more….mundane things in life. As you cruise the M11 at 55mph with a valuable cargo of milk in tow, the thoughts are more in line with “Did I leave my oven on” and “I must remember to return those videotapes”.

As delightfully absurd the idea of sitting on a motorway navigating your sat nav from one city to the next as you drive a truck for an hour between pick up and delivery, you soon come to realise that every joke has its limits.

No doubt for the Eddie Stobbart entrepreneurs, this would lend itself to some useful insight, but to us mere mortals, despite its novel presentation, it became a chore too quick.