Evil Dead (2013)

What compels a grown man such as I to inflict such visions of horror and violence upon not only myself, but my good wife?

I mean, it’s actually a bloody laugh riot. It’s a hoot. Evil Dead is a great movie. If you can stomach the violence (it’s more of a gore-fest than a horror actually) and the incessantly perverse beatings the cast typically get, then you can slowly start to unravel some of the real Sam Raimi DNA that’s hidden beneath this new coat of varnish and polish.

It looks excellent, with a colour palette that’s suitably ominous. Coupled with a high grade horror soundtrack, the film does a good job of following in the footsteps of “OMG I just KNOW something’s gonna happen”. And invariably, it does, giving way to a somewhat predictable reveal.

Based loosely on the original, it features a group of young professionals who embark on a weekend at a wood chalet in an effort to assist a friends fight through cold turkey as she attempts to quit some unknown drug. Cue combination of “Nothing there you’re mad” quotes and “Behind you!” pantomime phrases and what we have is text book gore.

What follows is a discovery of the Necronomicon and the foolish exploration of its contents which essentially calls forward the dead, manifested via a possessed member of the team. Brilliant.

It’s funny, alarmingly violent in graphic nature and, at times a little frustrating. Rule 1 in the book of horror survival. Never split up. Someone WILL die.

On top of that, I was mildly disappointed with the finale. I’ll not mention anything about it, of course, suffice to say I expected some more homage. Regardless, I had a great time on this movie, will definitely buy it on BR when it’s out.