Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon

I seriously have no idea.

There’s a rumour abound that this game was literally an april fools joke – except something happened that compelled the team to turn it into a fully fledged game.
I’m a big fan of Far Cry 3. I’ve just looked for the review to link it through here, but to my shock and horror I’ve not written one.

Regardless. It’s the same game with textures and audio changed.
It’s planted thoroughly in the future – or at least our vision of the future from the 80’s And there are some proper treats in there with many references to that period of excess, bad acting and explosions. It’s really funny with some excellent wise cracks both from the protagonist and also your mission control radio buddy. It’s witty, wacky and wonderfully ironic.

However, I’ve found that I have a limit of tollerence to what is essentially a lick of paint. The game has a future setting with set designs very close to Planetside, for reference. However it appears to be perpetually based in dark. I assume this is to off set the future weaponry so that laser beams can stand out more against the night time backdrops.

It’s literally Far Cry 3 with a different skin and personally, I think once you take away the comedy value and the retro nods, then I feel that the game has taken some of the best elements off from the original and replaced them with inferior mechanics.

I don’t think the weapons are satisfying. The Bow is neon and is difficult to use. Dragons, despite being a lol addition, actually become quite irritating after a while.

I’ll give it another whirl. I’m known to have a renewed lease of life on games on my second play through.