Xbox One and PS4

Yes I bought an Xbox One. And a PS4. Yes it was at launch. And I regret one of them.

I’d like to get it on record that I’m a die hard Xbox fanboy. My status is legendary, having collected over 30,000 gamer points over the past near decade from at least 10 consoles, I have put enough time into the Xbox Live community to warrant my continued loyalty and investment to the brand. But they’ve let me down.

As a UX and UI consultant, I am absolutely horrified that a company as huge as Microsoft can put so little stock into the end user. But this isn’t a new direction for Microsoft. They’ve been doing this for years so I shouldn’t be surprised. Some of their online offerings as an organisation are absolutely pathetic and I’ve complained directly many a time.

But what I did not expect is such a balls up of their Xbox One interface. It’s so flawed that anything other than attempting to play the game will have you hyperventilating in fits of frenzy, frothing at your mouth and introducing new expletives to the English language hitherto unheard of.

Want to start an online party? Good luck. Firstly they’ve only just fixed it so it works at all, but still when you try to open your friends list it can take a good 30 seconds to open. Doesn’t seem much but when you’re in the middle of a multiplayer game then you’ve died 4 times already.

Navigating around the O/S is also a minefield. I seriously want to find where I downloaded my update – where did it go? WHERE IS IT? NO I DON’T WANT TO BROADCAST MY GAME.

Speaking of, streaming doesn’t work either and if I see another failure message then I’m not responsible for what I’ll do.

PS4, however….breathe.

It’s faster, slicker, easier, quicker, more powerful and sexier overall than the Xbox. Navigating around the O/S is a breeze and has none of the nonsensical, superficial drama the Xbox wants you to endure.

Sony, here’s an idea. Offer Xbox owners a once in a lifetime opportunity to migrate their Xbox Achievement points over to Sony Trophy score. They’ll leave in droves.