BMW 118d oh why do I bother…

Yes I sold the Mini. In its stead I now use a 118d day to day.
A 2.0 turbo diesel, I have to say that it’s been an absolutely brilliant daily. 8 speed automatic makes it an absolute doddle to drive and were it not for its utterly boring diesel engine, that chassis would be ripe for some deserved abuse.

As it happens, it doesn’t really allow me to be delicate with the throttle, requiring either a heavy handed boot in order to spool the turbo up enough, or keep it high revs where it has absolutely zero power.

It also has the most infuriating nanny controls I’ve ever seen. In Sport + mode, everything is turned to super duper off. Then you need to press and hold the DSC button to turn off traction control. Which it does, but only to also dump it back into Comfort mode. Annoying as hell.

Still, thinking about swapping it for a 135M – wonder what the trade in will be.