The Raid: Redemption

This Indonesian sleeper from 2011 has been lingering around my subconscious for a while now and I’ve always wanted an opportunity to see this, so a recent flu episode forced me to catch up with some movies I’d missed, such as this one. I’m already very angry with myself for having left it for so long as it’s simply one of the finest martial arts action movies of all time.

The premise is simple. Dump a 20 man swat team into a residential skyscraper block where gang leaders reside, put a spanner in the works and then press record on the camera.

What ensues is two hours of consecutive and concurrent fight scenes combining fists, knives, guns and anything else they can get their hands on. It’s incredibly tense at times and some of the fight scenes do not go the way tradition would normally dictate which is a very surprising and also welcome method of keeping the viewer on their toes.

There’s a Matrix sense of style in the proceedings which is no bad thing given how many great pretenders there has been, but the stylistic nature isn’t in any way grandiose nor is it feigned. It just works.

Film was so good that we decided to feature it for our office movie night. Look forward to the sequel..