Magicite (PC)

The thought of adding another indie title to your Steam library can only be offset by the curse of overstocking – I can never find or even remember some of these titles I buy on whim.

My friend is often cannonballing me another game to buy but my steam library is bursting at the seams. So it stands that I often get these things bought for me to try.

I’ve put an unhealthy amount of hours into this, not sure what it is that compels me to return. It’s a procedurally generated roguelike and I can only begin to describe it as a cross between Risk of Rain and Minecraft.

It successfully gels a relatively simple crafting engine onto a hack and slasher to create a very rewarding experience. Each level progression is interspersed by a town run which allows you to craft items, sell surplus and buy any stock from the shops.

With cutesy graphics reminiscent of your J-Anime 8-bit style, it has an endearing feel to it which plays wonderfully on a vibrant palette of colours not unlike the modern indie shooter.

It’s quite difficult, but then it needs to be. Dying isn’t the hopeless endeavour that can often result in mashed keyboards, but more a case of convincing yourself that you’ve cracked it and will succeed the next time.

It’s currently in Alpha, so as a pre-release it fairs very well. It has no bugs I’ve encountered, a slightly empty multiplayer option (it’s better single player) and is well worth the budget price.