Hot weather? BBQ TIME!

27 degrees in London means BBQ time.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve just eaten, or even if you have some stomach bug, you still have to make a BBQ – it’s the law.

But the last minute decision meant keeping it simple, which is always a sure fire way to success given the simpler a BBQ, the better the results.


Start off with skinning some chicken drumsticks. They have to be skinned on a naked BBQ, especially when it’s as hot as mine. Firstly, it stops it from flaming – when you burn the skin of chicken, the fat drips onto the BBQ and ignites a naked flame. This flame then blackens and chars the skin of the chicken. It’s this reason why so many englishmen suffer from salmonella poisoning at BBQ’s because the blackened skin of chicken gives them the impression it’s been cooked. No no no.

After a few turns, add some thyme and olive oil marinated butcher sourced lamb chops. These quick very very quickly and should be served a little pink on the inside. Although chicken should be turned regularly on the BBQ, red meat should only be turned once on each side to maintain succulence.


Be sure to have your large sweet red peppers charred – they can survive on the hottest part of the BBQ because when they blacken, it means the skin can be peeled off even easier, revealing the deliciously sweet, smoked insides.


Keep dog happy. If the family don’t enjoy your BBQ, your dog certainly will – one happy customer is better than none.


Before long, your first batch of lamb chops are near cooked – the space saved now by the slightly shrunk chops means you can fit some more on. Please go ahead and do so.


Now that you’ve piled up all the lamb chops (be sure they’re not still cooking – you only want to keep them warm – piling them up maintains the moisture), you can now add your homemade burgers.


Add whatever bread you’ve got left, make sure to have them soak up some of the meat juices and enjoy the best drumsticks ever.