Godzilla (2014)

Who wasn’t looking forward to this AAA blockbuster this year?

Mixed reports prior to my viewing suggested that it’s a love it or hate it movie. My expectations are typically hyped following some fantastic high brow trailers that demonstrate little of the bang and more of the drama. Add to this Walter White and I’m sold. Having starred in probably the greatest TV series ever, how could he not do better than Broderick?

It’s a strange concoction. Clearly pulling in big influence from classic Japanese B movie monster smashers, there’s evidence of fandom here as Godzilla is given multiple bouts with adversaries of equal formidable stature. Godzilla is absolutely HUGE in this film and he towers the biggest skyscrapers.

There’s also the amusing sense of the ‘guy in costume’ as Godzilla often lumbers around somewhat lethargically, inadvertently smashing up half of San Francisco in his wake. But not all is as it seems and it appears Godzillas role is less one of destroyer and more of a doomsday device.

Cinematic theatricals aside, I don’t need to tell you the SFX are on par with the best films of late – but it IS guilty of one of the greatest faux pas of modern CGI blockbusters. It cheats and it does this by filming a majority of its CGI scenes in either night time format or in rain. It’s a cheap trick and I begrudge not being able to see Godzilla in all his resplendent glory, but I understand in the name of theatrics it’s better to mask and what the eyes can’t see, the brain will fill in the gaps. He IS an incredibly designed Godzilla and it’s such a shame he’s so frequently shrouded.

I can live with this – just. But what I really object to is hollywood’s absurd obsession with the parted couple story. We don’t care, really. Yes the soldier is parted from his wife and child and so is half the population of San Fran. But do we really need to be force fed this romantic jargon? It has no place in a Godzilla story and frankly I’d rather see more fights.

It’s a great film but I can’t help it could have afforded itself a better laugh riot by sticking closer to the ideals of Godzilla. Quick game of Rampage anyone?